Revline Brand


Premium REVLINE motor oils are produced at the Jasło Refinery – a dynamically developing company, which operates in the petrochemical industry. Our engine oils are used by REVLINE RACING TEAM, the Polish rally team, which we partner. REVLINE oils are produced using the highest quality components and base oils, which parameters, likewise the company’s own products, are carefully controlled in our research and development center as well as in the independent laboratories.


Polish inventor, industrialist, chemist and patriot, who spent almost two years in prison sentenced for his conspiracy activity. Ignacy Łukasiewiecz, because he is the one, we are talking about, has conducted researches on distillation of the crude oil in Lviv since 1852. It was thanks to his researches that the Polish petrochemical industry was born. The official date of its creation is considered to be July 31, 1853, when the first kerosene lamp built by Łukasiewicz lit up the shopwindow of the pharmacy in Lviv. But this was just the beginning. The next milestone was the relocation of the inventor to Podkarpacie, the region where the tradition of extraction and processing of the crude oil dates back to the mid-19th century. It was in Jasło in 1888 where one of the world’s first oil refinery was established.


The flagship of the Jasło Refinery is the Revline brand. It consists of a range of 30 premium automotive oils. In terms of quality and reliability, they compete successfully with the products of the most renowned manufacturers in the world. Revline oils are produced on the basis of the modern M-ACTIVE formula, which thanks to the use of special molecules, ensures full activation of the engine power, while fully protecting it even in the most difficult working conditions. The technology is characterized by a package of enriching additives and the production process, which includes multiple controls of the raw material and the finished products at all stages. This guarantees reliability in operation with both the new engines and the ones with a mileage in excess of hundreds of thousands of kilometers.


All products offered by the company (both REVLINE automotive oils as well as the industrial oils and lubricants – available under the JASOL brand) meet the strict quality standards set by manufacturers not only of automobiles, but also of industrial machinery and equipment. The high quality of REVLINE oils has been appreciated by renowned automobile manufacturers worldwide, obtaining approvals and certificates from brands such as: Man, Mercedes, Volvo, Volkswagen, Renault and Mack.