Refinery in Jaslo is the leader in implementation of innovative solutions for better application of the product



As the first it applies the revolutionary and breakthrough M-ACTIVE technology in Revline products.

This technology provides better lubrication of your engine, what increases its service life, improving power and decreases fuel consumption. Active molecules of M-particles, thanks to its unique structure adhere better to the moving parts of engine what improves the properties of the oil, and thus durability of oil film.

Above-average durability of M-particles made us to apply them also in production of gear oils. It significantly extends the service life of operating elements reduces noise and vibration of gearboxes.


Advantages of the M-ACTIVE technology application

For engine oils:

  • reduction of  internal engine friction and at the same time efficient reduction of fuel consumption
  • decrease of engine elements wear caused by so-called dry-offs or temporary lack of lubrication
  • significant extend of engine life
  • increase of engine power

For gear oils:

  • efficient reduction of wear of gearbox operating elements in extreme conditions
  • inhibition of gear wear
  • reduction of gearbox noise (especially recommended for old gearboxes, operating for a long time)